Spring Is Ending

Spring Is Ending Wild Heliotrope Phacelia distans


Photography is a passion of mine mixed with my love of exploring the deserts, foothills and all of its inhabitants. In the last five years I have been blessed with a granddaughter who is a never ending source of love, fun and photo ops.

In the recording of stories I have found that photography reveals a truth that most often cannot be put into words. I am always looking for that truth. There are also many stories that can be found within a photograph’s borders.

Only recently have I been professionally writing and photographing events, human interest stories and promotional work. My articles currently appear at www.desertcitiesguides.com and www.desertlocalnews.com. You may also view a small selection of my photographs on www.pbase.com/jeannenoel. I continue uploading photographs about once a week.

I am also a business owner providing business solutions for small to medium size businesses. My business site is www.chalfontbusinesssolutions.com.

For up to the minute tweets I am at www.twitter.com/jeannenoel.

Jeanne Noël Chalfont



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